Bethesda Little Theatre presents an original musical revue featuring songs from all the Broadway shows you’ve been wishing you could see in one night but couldn’t… until now. Come From Away, Six, Dear Evan Hansen, Chicago, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Company, Hadestown, Hamilton, and more. We even have some side trips to some of the wonderful music clubs Times Square has to offer. Don’t miss your chance to see numbers from some of the hottest shows on Times Square! A Night Out on Times Square, runs June 10, 11, 12 and 17, 18, 19 at the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center. (For tickets and more information click here: or call 202-796-3431.)

In our blog series “Inside the Numbers” we take you backstage with the performers to discuss a sampling of the songs they’ll be presenting; today we’re going to explore a number from “Six,” a modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII presented as a pop concert, as the Queens take turns singing and telling their story to see who suffered the most due to Henry and should, therefore, become the group’s lead singer.

Question to the Choreographer: What are you hoping to accomplish/convey with this number and where are you drawing your inspiration?

Lauren: My hope is that the ladies in this number look like they are having a ton of fun on stage! I got inspiration from watching videos of professional performances of this song, and also just from the music–it is an upbeat, pop song!

There seems to be more original musicals developed today that are rooted in history – do we love or hate this trend?

Editor’s Note: Seems to be a clear consensus here! What say you, dear audience? Tell us in the lobby after the show!

Cathy: Personally, I love it! I have always loved history. While the musicals might not be 100% accurate, I hope they spark an interest in history with people who might not have liked history before.

Alicia: I’m very into this trend and so far it’s been done really well (e.g., Hamilton, Six). The way the stories are told are interesting and fun and also tell a part of the story that many of us weren’t taught in school.  I think it’s also a way to attract new audience members to the theatre; look at what a success Hamilton was and continues to be. 

Marissa: LOVE IT! WANT MORE OF THIS! As a double major – political science and music – I used to joke about how a combined senior project would have to be a musical about politics but that I wasn’t a composer so I’d have to just do two separate projects (one thesis and recitals).

Jessica: I love it! There’s a reason we still talk about these historical moments in the present day. These stories endure because they’re interesting and entertaining, why wouldn’t they make good musicals?

What do you love most about doing this song? What is the most challenging?

Alicia: What I love most about this song is that I get to sing with a group of 5 other incredibly talented woman and the message is to own our own story.  It’s a powerful message and to sing alongside these ladies has really been a privilege. 

Marissa: Well, if you read our Inside the Numbers on “You Learn,” my answer is the same here – the people! So great to sing such an empowering song with five other tremendous women!

Editor’s Note: Of COURSE you read our other Inside the Number features, right? Because you’re so excited to see the show that you need to eat up all you can in advance!

Jessica: I love how empowering it is. I tear up when I hit this song on the album. Challenging—hitting the countdown right! You’d think counting down from 5 would be easy and yet somehow my brain cannot seem to remember that 3 comes after 4.

Cathy: I love doing it with these five talented ladies! The song has such a great rock beat and makes you just want to dance.

Now all I do is sing!

Does this song resonate on a personal level at all? Are there parts of it that are relatable to today? (Hopefully nothing about beheading.)

Jessica: I personally think we should bring beheadings back (jk jk). The fact that this song still resonates today in terms of seeing women as individuals rather than just the love interest section of a man’s story means we still have a way to go as a society (if that makes any sense). 

Marissa: Nothing about beheading! But in general, this song is such a great reminder that you can own the narrative and the ability to reframe things and shift your perspective can be so powerful.

There are some fun lines in this song – how do you make sure to emphasize them and make them land?

Marissa: They are fun lines! And they come quick so they can be hard to hit but I think it just comes down to every singer’s favorite thing – enunciate. enunciate. enunciate.

Jessica: The British accent helps.

Cathy: You’re right there are some great lines in this song. I am hoping the choreography will help emphasize the fun lines. Of course, we all have to think about the intonation, facial expressions, and timing. That helps too.

Alicia: The choreography gives us quite a bit of creative freedom on our specific solo lines to emphasize them. In the sections where we sing in unison, we are making sure that we hit those consonants, which is so important because there are a lot of words. And we only have one song to tell the story (not a whole show!).

Anything else to add?

Cathy: I first heard about the show, Six, in 2019 before it came to Broadway. I instantly fell in love with all the music! I am so excited to finally get to perform one song from the show!

Editor’s Note: Six is coming back to DC if you’re looking for a new show to catch! But come see us first :-).

Jessica: As RuPaul would say, “let’s make herstory!”

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